How long have you been living on vacation rentals? 

We started at the end of August, 2013.

Why are you doing this? 

There are many reason, and this post explains it in detail, but in short: to experience life differently, thus filling it with opportunity and a different perspective.

How long are you planning to live like this? What’s the end game-plan? 

We originally planned on 3 months. Once we hit the 6 month mark, we realized we weren’t looking for an “end” game-plan; it had turned into a way of life. So, I would ask you the same question: what’s your end game? 🙂

Are you planning to live outside of Austin as well? 

We have loved our experiences in Austin, but yes, we plan to take this same idea to locations outside of our city. We’ve already done short stints in other places, but we’ve been working towards being able to do that more frequently. I’m looking to go work with a boutique hotel somewhere in the tropics for a month, so if you have any leads, send them my way!

Where’s all your stuff?

It’s all in a storage unit.

Isn’t it really expensive to do this? 

We’ve been able to keep our bills the same as our 3 bedroom, beautiful home in central Austin – the one we had before this. Good negotiations and us staying about a month keeps costs lower. Plus, we do not pay for utilities, yard upkeep, etc. When we go on a vacation, we aren’t double paying.

Is it strange living in someone else’s home?

Most of the time we are staying in vacation rental properties and no one lives in them full-time. Occasionally that’s not the case, but we steer away from homes that look like clutter-ville with someone’s knick nacks hanging out. It mostly feels more like a hotel each time, even with welcome notes and Austin guides.

How do you live out of a suitcase. 

Err….you know when you pack for a road trip and start with one suitcase? Then you start throwing in random things because you don’t have to fly with them, so why not just throw it into the car? Well, that’s about our packing style. So picture a suitcase, plus random bags that manage their way in. Each month, we try to clear out some of the stuff again, but it’s not a biggie. We’ve timed it: it only takes about 1 hr 1/2 to pack up our lives for the next spot. Not too bad.


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