South 1st Street: Home # 17

16 Austin homes later, we still hadn’t stayed in the Boudlin Creek area (South Congress/South First, etc.), minus our very first home experience when we started our LifeVenture. We were only there 5 days, so while it was certainly an experience – boy was it an experience – we didn’t get settled into the neighborhood at all.

After so many homes, you’d think we’d been to every ‘hood in the city, but nope. One of the best areas had only been an appetizer.

Duration: 1 month
Location: South 1st Street (across from Sway and the food trailers – about 4 blocks from the heart of South Congress district)


We decided to continue another month living with our friends who had just moved to Austin. Because of this, we got a larger home than normal, which was a nice change. Bigger being relative, but still. It had multiple rooms. I know, living the spacious life.

This month was the most fast paced month in my entire year. (I would use the word busy, but I treat busy as a dirty word because I used to say it in place of thoughtful comments. “How are you doing? Ohhh I’m sooo busy.” Blah blah big deal. We’ll all busy.) But, in all honesty. I was busy as hell.

My company, Pigtail Media, was involved in a boutique hotel conference in Vegas one week and then I went to Belize for a mega intense work research trip the following week for Reset Retreat. There was little breathing room for relaxation or anything other than putting my head down and focusing on making the most of incredible opportunities before, during and after. It was also the most inspiring and productive week of my year if not the past 4 years. It did make it more difficult to enjoy the home, though. But that’s ok.


Here are some highlights:

Patios, patios and more patios. 3 separate areas in all. The weather was starting to change, so we were able to make use of awesome patio space. Lots of great dinners outside with great people! Thanks “Jaden” for your amazing cooking and keeping us healthy. I also really enjoyed sitting on the patio in the morning and getting started with work early – then seeing the world wake up and get started around me. I don’t know why, but I absolutely loved this.


One massive bathtub. This wasn’t in our room – why you put a gigantuous claw foot tub in the guest bedroom confuses this bath-loving girl. I do mean gigantuous. The top of the tub line went up to my neck. Now, I’m small, but that’s a big tub.

I had a few days with the house to myself after the crazy travel schedule to light some candles, grab a good book, and eh, almost flood the bathroom. Twice. It turns out this massive tub was also the fastest filling tub in history. Crisis averted in the nick of time. Bath fully enjoyed.


Really cool doors, when they were there: So, this house had some strange quirks…like a strange roundabout hallway instead of a door to the master suite. The doors that were there were ridiculously cool. (Another worthy quirky mention: the two half sized fridges instead of one big one, even though it was a full sized kitchen. Didn’t get that one.)


Food trailers and restaurants across the street: And lots of them. Sway (my favorite Austin restaurant), Elizabeth Street Café, a new coffee shot called 7th Flag, and food trailers galore were all just across the street from us. We were dangerously close to Gordoughs, which I managed to actually not visit. My stomach is still thanking me – the menu item I love is fried chicken on a donut with honey butter glaze. I don’t even like donuts.


All in all, this was a really great home experience and I was a little sad to leave the home. It was onward to another pretty interesting transition with many moving parts: I stayed at my mom’s again for a week while she was out of town to take care of kitty and to not deal with ACL price spikes in vacation rentals. Crazy insane. Cary was traveling for work, which normally I can work remotely doing alongside him, but I had to be in town for a monthly meeting. I met up with Cary in Tucson for a wedding and an amazing trek across the Southwest.

That’s a blog I’m very much looking forward to sharing!


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