Home #10: Welcome to the Jungle … And a Barn

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 5.51.03 PM
When I saw a barn pop up on our Airbnb searches, I knew we had to stay here. I mean, come on, I did grow up on a farm (kind of); it would feel like home!

Plus, this #LifeVenture is all about finding unique experiences and a barn is definitely that.

Zilker area off South Lamar.

5 days. We would have stayed longer, but SXSW was a-knocking; we had to hightail it out of town since vacation rentals recoup a large portion of their expenses in those 10 days. Aka: expensive.

Let the light shine down: There were very large windows on all sides of the house, letting in so much light during the morning, afternoon and evening. I grew up in Washington state where light was cherished. I think I still live with the mentality of “enjoy it while it lasts,” so having sun rays all day made it happy in the barnyard.

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 6.02.35 PM

The master bedroom had a wall-to-wall window that looked into a yard surrounded by bamboo.  One night we watched a family of bandits (raccoons) play in the trees for about an hour. They looked kind of like little monkeys. It was almost like we were in Costa Rica (ish)! Or at least our own little zoo.

This window also came in handy for Austin’s  “ThunderSleet” storm at the beginning of March – surely to go down in the books as one of the most bizarre weather events in our city. 2 days of 70s and 80s and then a drop to 24 the next night, creating thunder….and sleet.

Barn home.pngGreen, green, green: This property was mostly surrounded by bamboo and trees – pretty amazing when you’re in the middle of a city. It was so peaceful, which was pretty important considering we had just moved everything and were staying for 5 days to go to Houston for a week, then on a short trip, then back to Austin. Needless to say, that peace kept me somewhat sane.

Barn home 2.jpgRoom decor – room for improvement: While some rooms (like the kitchen below) were super well remodeled, it was obvious other pieces of furniture were after thoughts – probably extra items the owners had. Like the rickety dining room table and dorm room-like 2nd bedroom decor. Overall, it definitely met the standard and was completely fine; it just could have been amazing with a little more designer love.

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 6.14.21 PMLike our old home: The kitchen was almost identical to our old kitchen in material (at the house we rented for a couple years). I think I cooked one egg for breakfast and that was the extend of my cooking for those 5 days, but that was one damn good egg.

Overall, this is absolutely a house we’d like to come back and stay for a month (with kitty – she would love the sun)! However, they were pretty booked up, so who knows if we’ll get that chance. Plus, there are so many other awesome looking places that we have to still explore.


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