Tiny Home #8: Lake Austin Blvd

It’s hard to believe that we are nearing 6 months of living through temporary homes; it feels like we just started! I signed up for 3 months, packed my life accordingly, and fully expected to have our Christmas decorations out by the holiday…or at least figured there was a good chance. I’m having more and more fun as the experiences extend, and when people ask how long until we are ready to “put some roots down,” I honestly don’t know how to answer it anymore. It feels like we are building roots, but they are not ones related to physical stuff.


LOCATION: Lake Austin Blvd across from Deep Eddy Pool and Town Lake
LENGTH: 1 month (longest rental so far)


Kitty 'Living on the edge'

Kitty ‘Living on the edge’ – Can you find her?

I could snuggle with Little Miss Zoe: As much as I would love to have Kitty with us at every move, moving a middle aged cat every two weeks seems cruel and unusual. Especially since she loves my mom’s house and Mom is willing to kitty sit. Family rocks! However, us being here a month was long enough to try it out and see how she did. She loved her new home!! Not dissimilar to us, she is a creature of habit; she quickly adapted by the 2nd day. I loved hearing her pitter-patter coming when I opened our front door.

Close to Nature! I don’t typically walk the Hike and Bike trail because parking; I simply go to one of our various hiking spots not downtown. It was such a treat to literally walk across the street and be on the Hike & Bike! I timed it once: 3 min from my door to the trail. Holy amaz-balls. Not dealing with parking for the Trail of Lights was an extra bonus of holiday cheer.

I even joined the “running club” and ran…once. I might try it again.

photo (21)

photo (22)

Hanging decorations

Surprisingly Christmasy: I love Christmas and I even love Christmas trees more. I was known to leave the lights on and attempt sleeping by the fire in our last house. So, I was preparing to be sad not having much of “Christmas” this year – a tree didn’t make sense and honestly giving a lot of gifts didn’t seem extremely fitting because most of our stuff was in storage. I was preparing to have the Christmas Blues. Then, one day I looked out the window, and what to my wondering eyes should appear? But hanging lights, sparkling the tree like a chandelier.

The decor: We’ve been lucky enough to have stayed in 2 homes now that were owned by interior designers. I’m all about home decor and making a really pretty place to get my cozy on. Seeing other design ideas has been so much fun. I am always thinking, “I never would have put those together, but it works!” This particular place was the back apartment for an interior designer’s shop on Lake Austin Blvd.

Our place was upstairs..plus we had use of the great yard, uniquely designed.

Our place was upstairs…plus we had use of the uniquely designed yard.


Baby It’s Cold Outside: We were here during the cold spell. For you non-Austinites, yes, it actually drops to 20s-30s once in a blue moon. This year was abnormally cold, and being in an old remodeled upstairs garage apartment was…lets just say cold. Very cold. I’m talking I-need-my-snuggie-while-working cold.

No Laundry room: If you would have asked me 6 months ago if I would live in a home where it required me to visit a coin operated laundromat, I would have laughed at you (I actually thought it was ‘laundry mat’ until I just googled how to spell it. So there you go.). We hadn’t been to a laundromat since college, and I gotta say, it was actually fun! It reminded me when you’re a kid and how mundane things were really fun…then you grow up and you think, “why was doing the dishes fun??” With a change in attitude, we made it into a really fun experience together. Not that I need to do it every month. Or year. More on that in another blog, I should note that SuperMom came to the rescue the last week when I visited her house during the holidays, thus I only actually had to do laundry at the ‘laundry mat’ one time. 🙂

Kitchen was the least stocked kitchen thus far. Many of these kitchens are completely decked out. This was not the case: one pan, no spatula, and Solo plastic bowls didn’t exactly make it easy to even cook breakfast. Luckily, the owners were willing to buy all the basics after we brought it to their attention by the 3rd day. It wasn’t the kitchen of my dreams, but it did have a spec-of-a-view of the lake if I stood on one tiptoe and focused hard through the trees. I’ve always wanted a water view. Look at me, just keepin’ up with the Joneses.

Logistical nightmare: I lived through it.
Cary traveled to visit Alabama for Christmas & I stayed here for that week. We had a road trip planned for the day he returned. However, because our lease ended one day BEFORE Cary could return, it became a logistical nightmare of moving and attempting to organize our life. The owner wouldn’t extend our lease one day at the rate that was fair in our books, so we had a one day gap where I had no home and a lot of STUFF.

photo (24)

Fun… not

Here’s how it went: I couldn’t easily carry heavy suitcases down the stairs with my crappy back (& wimpy muscles..but details, details), so 5 days before our lease expired, we had to move all the heavy items I couldn’t move myself. I would then plan to keep necessary items for those 5 days. With Xmas in the middle (meaning needing my overnight bag at my moms for 2 days), laundry that had to be taken care of, and an impending road trip that would require clothes from storage… it pushed this Type A gal almost over the edge. Figuring out what went in which bag for which day for which person was like attempting some type of ridiculous riddle. But, bit by bit and item by item, the puzzle started to make sense.

My baby (zoe) and me

Snuggle Bunny

It made for one confusing Christmas week, but it worked. We got it done, eventually with a smile..ish.

Onward we went: With the car packed and ready to go on Saturday, I picked Cary up from the airport, ran a few errands, and we were on our way to an adventure from Austin to Santa Fe to Taos to Durango to Telluride, filled with brewery and boutique hotel research and discovery.

Our current house is on West 6th street, so if you’re in the area, let me know! I’m digging walking everywhere.

Until next time,


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