3 1/2 months and 7 homes in…

A few weeks ago, I was at a conference in California and had been moving at such a fast pace for 5 days that, as I was packing to go catch my flight, I realized I didn’t know where home was. Our temporary 3-week lease was about to end while I was traveling, and Cary and I had both been so busy before that we hadn’t found a new rental. I knew he had found a place while I was in LA (he’s good at working last minute magic), but we hadn’t had a chance to talk about it.

If you would have asked me 4 months ago how I would expect to feel about this realization I was having in my hotel room, I would have been filled with anxiety even thinking about. Low and behold, I actually laughed out loud from the absurdity: I was okay not knowing…and was actually excited to arrive back in Austin to a new adventure. The excitement caught me off guard.

Since the last time I wrote, we have lived in 6 homes, some for only a few days because multiple week leases didn’t always line up exactly. Having two ACL weekends and F1 filing up rentals in Austin actually made it quite difficult to find non-inflated prices that were for more than 4 days. Here’s our play-by-play.

Kitty and man

Kitty and man

Home 1: Here’s the blog about our 1st experience.
Home 2
Location: Clarksville
Length: A few days
We were on a vacation and had to find a place with only a night’s notice, but only for a few days. Our friend, who has rental properties, was able to rent us one of his properties for a few days while we made plans. They had chickens!

Home 3:
Location: My mom’s house near Lake Travis
Length: 3 weeks

Mom went away for 3 weeks, and since she has been kitty-sitting, we kitty-sat at her house. After moving out of our 2 year property in Aug, planning my 30th birthday, moving into our 1st short term house, going on a trip to Washington & then Wyoming / Montana (& having a break down or two), having a space of comfort & normalcy was SO what the doctor would have ordered!!!!

I had kitty to snuggle with every night! I miss her so much! I even got “kitty biscuits” each morning.

photo (8)

Me and kitty

Home 4:
Location: Cuernavaca – about 20 minutes from downtown
Length: 3 weeks

Now we’re cookin’ – it feels like this is when our home-adventure started with some consistency (except we really weren’t cooking because there was no stove or oven.) I should have written an entire blog about this place, but I didn’t get a chance. It was so peaceful and we loved coming home every night.

photo (7)

The good and the bad:

    • It was beautifully decorated and one entire wall had windows facing the creek. At night, it sounded like a million frogs singing. When the lights were turned off, it was complete darkness. No city lights at all!
    • I had a great corner office with views of big trees and usually no less than one deer sighting every hour.
    • There was no washer or dryer: luckily, I could go to my mom’s and work remotely during the day doing laundry. It wasn’t easy, but it ended up not being too bad.
    • We didn’t have a full kitchen: I love cooking, so I thought this would be terrible. It turns out, there was a Snap Kitchen on the way home: pop healthy food in the microwave and bam! We had healthy dinner with no clean up. We were both so busy during this time, the convenience was nice.  It actually was  unexpectedly relaxing to not wash dishes or laundry at home: it made this feel like a vacation!
    • Even though we were “far out of town,” there was a local bar/restaurant called The 263. It great little hidden spot – highly recommend if you’re out and about in the area.
    • We stumbled upon an amazing park on the riverbanks with gorgeous trees. For us to find a park we hadn’t been to was simply amazing.

Common Ford Ranch Park – Along the banks of Lake Austin

Home 5:
Location: West Campus / Lamar on Shoal Creek 
Length: 7 days (?)
This was the house I came home to after the trip to LA….when I didn’t know where I was headed until I was at the airport. I have always driven past the condos along Shoal Creek and wondered what they would be like. This condo was an older building, but was completely re-done inside. It was cozy, comfortable, and close to everything. But, it was also a corporate apartment, so it felt a little dry. Cary and I were still very busy; it got the job done and was nice enough. It just wasn’t filled with character.

Home 6:
Location: Hyde Park – Duval and 45th area 

Length: About 2 weeks

The good and the bad:

  • This home was a little on the older side (you know, windows shake when the wind blows and a marble would roll if you put it on the floor), but it had very nice furnishings, bedding, etc and was comfortable.
  • It’s funny the quirky things we are starting to like/dislike about these places: We LOVED having a keypad for entry (this was at home #6 as well). I always, always have trouble finding my keys in my purse – I swear, my purse temporarily eats my keys every day – it was so nice to not have to search for keys and fumble around with them in the dark.


    Elisabet Ney Museum

  • The home owner really made a point to add in extra touches. Most of these homes include basic needs and maybe some nice add-ons like shampoos and coffee. This particular one went beyond that with lots of yummy tea, a massive spice rack,  condiments, and other small items that I missed having. Because we’ve only been at a house (with a full kitchen) for a few days in a row, we really hadn’t purchased those basics, so we didn’t have them!
  • We took a really nice long walk one night around the neighborhood, just exploring the area. We were taking a short cut and came across a historical building, the Elisabet Ney Museum. It’s right off of 45th and Duval and I had never noticed it before!

Home 7:
Location: Allendale – 45th street (a 2 minute drive from our old home before we started this Lifeventure)
Length: 12 days

Cary was traveling during this time, so our friends were kind enough to let me stay at their house during the very expensive F1 weekend timeframe (living this way can be very difficult during big event weeks!!!!). Our friends were out of town traveling for work, so I got to get cozy in their sweet house. Thanks Karen and Ben! I wish I took a picture of their incredible room that had a barn door, and cool branches hanging from  the ceiling – so cool! 🙂 Karen’s creativity amazes me.

Onward we go!

Today we moved into our new house, and guess what? …pause for drama…We are staying here ONE MONTH! The longest so far. 😉 You’d think I might be sick of this moving around by now, but was filled with SO much excitement when we walked into our new home. Over dinner, we chatted about what unique things we wanted to experience while here. More on that later, and I promise I won’t take so long to write next time!

I have a lot of thoughts to share about this experience and the awareness it is bringing to me! As Thanksgiving rolls around tomorrow, I am filled with so much joy for having someone to explore this world with.

Much love,


4 thoughts on “3 1/2 months and 7 homes in…

  1. Yay! I had lunch with Danielle yesterday and asked her where you were living right this second lol
    Thanks for the update. This is such an exciting thing you are doing and i love hearing about it. We miss you and love you and are wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!

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